CCS Pluss OÜ
Peterburi tee 34/6
EE11415  Tallinn
+372 50 65013

We are wholesalers for upholstered furniture and mattress industry. We sell components, fittings, materials, furniture and provide technical service. 
Product portfolio contains following items: different fibers, technical fabrics, feathers, glues, springs, wadding’s, felts, webbings, foam, laminated products, mattress fabrics, fibertex, spunbond – this is just a part of our wide selection of products we offer. We also provide machines, production lines and tools nessesary for efficent production. We do installation of machinery for factories.

We also have production unit for different types of sofa seat and back cushions.

Our office, production and warehouse facilities are located in Tallinn, Estonia.

We provide almost everything needed for sofa and mattress production!

In case of interest do not hesitate to contact us.